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September 5, 1998: Michigan 20 Notre Dame 36
Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, IN
Scott Dreisbach (12)Marcus Knight (85)Dhani Jones (55)Lloyd CarrTommy Hendricks (41)Marcus Ray (29)Marcus Knight (85)Marcus Ray (29) and Tommy Hendricks (41)Ray Jackson (35)Drew Henson (7)Tom Brady (10), Anthony Thomas (32), Jon Jansen (77), and Chris Ziemann(52)James Whitley (5)Tom Brady (10) and Kraig Baker (46)Drew Henson (7)Tai Streets (86)Clarence Williams (33)Clint Copenhaver (43) and Juaquin Feazell (90)Anthony Thomas (32)Tom Brady (10) and Jon Jansen (77)Sam Sword (93)