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November 22, 1997: Michigan 20 Ohio State 14
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Charles Woodson (2)Charles Woodson (2)Charles Woodson (2), Andre Weathers (30), and James Whitley (5)Charles Woodson (2), Tommy Hendricks (41), and Marcus Ray (29)Brian Griese (14) and Glen Steele (81)James Hall (56) and Josh Williams (91)James Hall (56)Andre Weathers (30)Charles Woodson (2)Jason Brooks (74), Lloyd Carr, and Terry MaloneBrian Griese (14) and David Brandt (67)Marcus Ray (29)Chris Howard (8)Charles Woodson (2)Charles Woodson (2)Charles Woodson (2)Glen Steele (81)Glen Steele (81)Charles Woodson (2)James Hall (56), Josh Williams (91), and Rob Renes (58)