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February 14, 2023: Kohl Center, Madison, WI, Michigan 59 Wisconsin 64
Dug McDaniel (0), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Tarris Reed Jr. (32)Dug McDaniel (0)Wisconsin Head Coach Greg GardTarris Reed Jr. (32) and Dug McDaniel (0)Jett Howard (13), Kobe Bufkin (2), Hunter Dickinson (1), Tarris Reed Jr. (32), and Dug McDaniel (0)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Jett Howard (13)Hunter Dickinson (1)Kobe Bufkin (2)Juwan HowardWisconsin Head Coach Greg GardWill Tschetter (42)Dug McDaniel (0)Kobe Bufkin (2)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Jett Howard (13)Tarris Reed Jr. (32)Tarris Reed Jr. (32)Joey Baker (15)Jace Howard (25)Juwan HowardJuwan Howard and Wisconsin Head Coach Greg Gard