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September 16, 2006: Michigan 47 Notre Dame 21
Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, IN
Prescott Burgess and Leon HallLeon HallMichael Hart, Obi Oluigbo, Carson Butler, and Mark BihlMichael Hart, Mark Bihl, and Adam KrausMark Bihl, Adrian Arrington, and Mario ManninghamMario ManninghamMario ManninghamLeon Hall and Brandon HarrisonMario ManninghamPrescott Burgess and Brandon HarrisonLeon Hall and Brandon HarrisonMichael Hart and Chad HenneShawn Crable, David Harris, and Ryan MundyChad HenneBrandon Harrison, Leon Hall, and Prescott BurgessMorgan Trent and Ryan MundyMario ManninghamMorgan Trent and Ryan MundyLeon Hall and Darnell HoodLaMarr Woodley