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March 3, 2019: Michigan 69 Maryland 62
Xfinity Center, College Park, MD
Zavier Simpson (3)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Jordan Poole (2)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Isaiah Livers (4)Isaiah Livers (4) and Ignas Brazdeikis (13)John BeileinJon Teske (15) and David DeJulius (0)Maryland Head Coach Mark TurgeonIgnas Brazdeikis (13)Ignas Brazdeikis (13) and Jon Teske (15)Isaiah Livers (4) and Michigan TeamZavier Simpson (3)Ignas Brazdeikis (13), Zavier Simpson (3), and Maryland Head Coach Mark TurgeonJon Teske (15)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Zavier Simpson (3)Jon Teske (15) and Jordan Poole (2)Jon Teske (15)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)