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December 31, 2022: College Football Semi-Final, State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ, Michigan 45 Texas Christian 51
Texas Christian Head Coach Sonny DykesWill Johnson (2) and Ike Iwunnah (92)J.J. McCarthy (9) and Mike HartTexas Christian Head Coach Sonny Dykes and Jim HarbaughRonnie Bell (8)Junior Colson (25)J.J. McCarthy (9)Roman Wilson (14)J.J. McCarthy (9)Roman Wilson (14)Rod Moore (19) and Makari Paige (7)Makari Paige (7) and Mike Sainristil (0)Jimmy Rolder (30) and Mike Morris (90)Mike Morris (90) and Kris Jenkins (94)Mike Morris (90)J.J. McCarthy (9)Ronnie Bell (8)Rod Moore (19)J.J. McCarthy (9)Jim Harbaugh and Michigan Team