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December 6, 2020: Michigan 80 Central Florida 58
Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, MI
Chaundee Brown Jr. (15) and Eli Brooks (55)Eli Brooks (55), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Terrance Williams II (5)Hunter Dickinson (1)Isaiah Livers (2), Chaundee Brown Jr. (15), and Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15)Mike Smith (12)Mike Smith (12)Juwan Howard and Central Florida Head Coach Johnny DawkinsRico Ozuna-Harrison (14), Brandon Johns Jr. (23), and Mike Smith (12)Howard Eisley, Luke Wilson (32), Chris Hunter, and C.J. Baird (24)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15), Eli Brooks (55), and Mike Smith (12)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15), Jace Howard (25), Adrien Nunez (0), Rico Ozuna-Harrison (14), and Juwan HowardTerrance Williams II (5)Brandon Johns Jr. (23) and Chaundee Brown Jr. (15)Mike Smith (12)Brandon Johns Jr. (23) and Eli Brooks (55)Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Terrance Williams II (5)Juwan HowardEli Brooks (55) and Terrance Williams II (5)